Business Process Management

Business Integra (BI) brings a depth of experience, industry knowledge and flexibility in implementing Business Process Management (BPM) as an “added value” service to our clients in promoting innovation and continuous process improvement combined with our commitment to integrating industry best practices.

Our focus is on executing a technically sound solution involving a “holistic management” approach to tailor and align business processes to our client’s specific standards, methodologies and requirements - to promote effectiveness and efficiency while exploiting continuous process improvement and innovation, flexibility, agility and integration with technology. We strive to continuously improve our business processes on an on-going "process optimization process" that enables BI to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical managed organization - thereby greatly enhancing our approach to solving our client’s diversity of challenges.

Our basic BPM operational value proposition is the ability to process more with less effort and higher quality.

As a result, BPM has become a cornerstone discipline for BI that allows us to grow in expertise and subject matter expertise while controlling our resource costs. Business processes are pervasive in our organization, so we strive to develop processes that represent all the activities we undertake. Improving our operations is our “process improvement project”. We leverage advanced methodologies and technologies to deliver consistent, repeatable, and more efficient outcomes while we work on our improvement projects. BPM helps us define and manage our business processes so we can reach our desired goals.

Our BPM approach is a collaborative effort between business units, our clients and the IT environments and is designed to produce better processes through the combination of technology and expertise; there by fostering a new paradigm of efficient and logical business processes. Added value for our client’s enterprise is accomplished through growth improved performance, better productivity, higher staff effectiveness, and better customer service directly resulting in improved processes.

Similar to our related services of assisting organizations with obtaining ISO, CMMI and other industry certifications, BI can also help your organization implement an internal BPM program to become more agile in a number of different ways:

  • Increased productivity: Doing more with fewer resources by applying BPM principles helps your enterprise increase its productivity.
  • Service to a global market: Streamlining and scaling your CONUS and OCONUS operations, so you can take advantage of opportunities no matter where they may exist.
  • Achieving compliance: Helping keep the costs under control by keeping up with complex compliance, regulatory and corporate governance requirements that are typically costly and time-consuming.
  • Accelerating innovation: Encouraging a business environment where innovation becomes a normal part of daily operations.

As a managerial approach, we recognize that BPM processes serve as strategic assets of an organization. They must be understood, managed, and improved in order to deliver value-added products and services to our clients that can be supported, or enabled, through technology to ensure the viability of the managerial approach in times of change, and extended to integrate human-driven processes in which human interaction (workflow) is accomplished.

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