Big Data/Analytics


Business Integra, (BI) delivers the most optimal solutions in the field of “Big Data Analytics”, using our expert knowledge in the storage, processing, Enterprise Data Warehousing, Statistical Analysis and Business Intelligence technologies.


Big data covers a diversity of technical areas: 1) storing the massive amounts of detailed information (data warehousing) required to function effectively in today’s marketplace; 2) retrieving and processing the data without encountering excessive performance bottlenecks; and 3) applying a collection of different tool types such as predictive analysis, data mining, statistics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and business intelligence, reporting and “dash boarding” to handle advanced analytics requirements.


Most definitions of big data focus on the volume (e.g., terabytes, database schemas, records, attributes, transactions, etc.) of data storage at rest. Though the amount of terabytes of data needs to be considered, there are other important attributes of big data, such as data variety (structured, unstructured, semi-structured, blogs, voice, video, images, etc.) and data velocity (e.g., batch processing, real-time, near-time, streaming, etc.). BI addresses all of the aspects of big data, -(i.e., volume, variety and velocity)-, in order to resolve a comprehensive plan to address all of the dimensions and ramifications facing your organization.

Advanced Analytics

At BI, we address big data analytics using advanced analytic techniques that are most conductive to operating on big data as well as addressing the analytics platform required. Advanced analytics requires a collection of techniques and tool types, including predictive analytics, data mining, statistical analysis, complex SQL, data visualization, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and database methods that support analytics. Most of our clients can relate to the use of advanced analytic tools where they create analytic models or fashion complex queries; or exploit database management systems where analytic big data is effectively managed and operated on. However, we have found that the key is often found through consideration of the correctly sized hardware platform that is required to resolve the issues. We focus on all aspects of the issue and provide recommendations after thorough analysis and design.

Enterprise Data Warehousing

BI facilitates the attainment of the best Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) database design appropriate to the selected tools, organizational commitments and projected growth in data volume and complexity. We recognize the need to re-structure traditional DWs for analytic database purposes, data warehouse appliances, columnar databases, no-SQL databases, distributed file systems, and other designs. We recommend the implementation of cloud solutions, SaaS, analytic data marts, OLAP tools, etc. as options to realize the greatest gain in advanced analytics, predictive analytics, data mining, and statistical analysis.

Business Intelligence, Privacy and Security

Business Integra assists in expanding prior Business Intelligence tools using OLAP and reporting to more robust solutions incorporating Advanced Data Visualization (ADV) to handle diverse data types. We then present analytic data structures that are not accommodated by flat computer screens (such as hierarchies and neural nets). Analytic data also requires us to focus our support on your governance, privacy, and security issues that abound, as well as similar issues with other enterprise data you maintain.


  • BI’s Big Data Assessment provides a complete picture of how to resolve all areas of technical challenges which are tailored to support each client’s mission, goals and objectives.
  • BI’s design experts recommend the most appropriate hardware platforms with optimal analytical tools and techniques.

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