Enterprise SharePoint Development

Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Business Integra’s staff includes experts in developing SharePoint-based applications with great user interfaces, and is easy to maintain and adapt. We build custom applications using best practices that meet your business needs and maximize ROI, while integrating with variety of enterprise applications, ranging from MS-Dynamics, MS Project Server, multiple financial and acquisition systems, time management systems, and other functions, to consolidate relevant information into a centralized document archiving system.

Effective work flow and chop-chain approval processes are inherent in the latest versions of SharePoint, so that we can implement automated working collaboration on documents and work products, with built-in review and approval, while maintaining automated and highly effective version control. 

To create an effective SharePoint solution, our team begins by developing a clear understanding of the business requirements for the application.  We typically use a modified Agile approach, create use case or user stories to define the processes to be automated and the approval points within the processes. 

SharePoint lends itself to effective use of prototyping approaches to produce a pilot product that can then be adjusted and refined to quickly meet your application needs.

At the same time, our staff will work with your team to instill standard processes for effective collaboration using the document management aspects of the SharePoint system.  This approach results in our ability to quickly deliver a functional application that can then be further refined to meet additional requirements as they emerge.  We have used this process to develop a new process and system to support the Small Business Administration’s registration and tracking of multiple types of economically challenged Government contractors, which has been well received by both the SBA managers and the user community.

Trusted SharePoint solutions from one of the top Microsoft Gold partner

BI is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner ready to help you design, develop, deploy, migrate and integrate SharePoint business solutions at reduced cost. Business Integra is a leading Microsoft Gold partner who will build your SharePoint solution using the skills of our Center of Excellence staff to provide a robust global SharePoint set of tools for effective collaborative work and improved productivity.