Information Services

Allow Business Integra to be your one-stop-shop for accomplishing your information management goals as we have a variety of solutions and services in this area that can be orchestrated together and tailored to our client’s needs. As the amount of information continues to increase by virtue of doing business, organizations must plan for how to manage this information efficiently and implement the appropriate information management components for the target environment. Business Integra has designed and implemented many different information management components on our past and present engagements to include document management systems, content management systems, database systems and warehouses, data analytics capabilities and information exchange solutions.

Document Management Solutions

Business Integra has an extensive suite of document management solutions to meet the needs of organizations that have high volumes of documentation to manage, store and share; as well as those who have relatively low volumes of documents, but who are looking to gain more efficiency from the documents across their enterprise. Aspects that we incorporate into our document management solutions include: a centralized interface and repository of enterprise documentation; integrity controls such as digital and electronic signatures on the documentation submitted by stakeholders; fine-grained access control for each grouping of documents; and a document hierarchical model built into the document management platform to organize document storage and retrieval based upon the business context.

Content Management Solutions

Our robust content management solutions are tested and proven in real world scenarios and do not require a full modernization effort to implement them. Organizations have tons of information they want to share with various audiences and the information itself changes very frequently. In order to assist our clients with the constantly evolving information they publish to various stakeholders, Business Integra has implemented sophisticated content management systems that allow for businesses to manage their public and internal content on a continuous basis which is required more now than ever before. Making content additions and changes in the code itself is not an efficient approach and makes performing updates a nightmare. Leveraging a Business Integra designed and implemented content management system will enable your organization to use a centralized interface to make content updates across all of your accessible information - such that changes can be made when you need to, where you need to.

Database and Data Warehouse Solutions

Database systems provide the important service of storing and serving up an organization’s information assets in support of enabling their business processes. Our database and data warehouse solutions are driven by the business need and the resulting data models. Database implementation is not just as simple as installing your preferred database software and plugging your application into it and expecting that everything will work fine out of the box. Business Integra understands the nuances of database and data warehouse design and implementation that result in high performance, data integrity, data accessibility and appropriate indexing. We have also demonstrated on several engagements that we can create comprehensive data services in the form of a data access layer of standard web services for those environments that have tight restrictions on what components within the various tiers of the architecture can access the database directly.

Information Exchange Solutions

Business Integra has solved the data exchange challenge that most organizations face today with a need to exchange information between stakeholders that may not always reside within the system or security boundary where the information was originated. We have enabled our clients to exchange information securely over standardized interfaces customized for the system context and the profile for the underlying data. Our company has implemented the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) gateway which is the interface for how health care participants submit quality related health information to the government. This is just one example of a complicated data exchange interface that we were able to design and implement that fully met the objectives of our client.

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