FAA Information Security and Privacy (IS&P)

BI started work for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) CyberSecurity Group in Sept 2014, a large contract of over $50M. The (FAA) requires that its ground, flight and administrative systems operate securely and reliably. BI’s role is to ensure information systems security and privacy from a Governance, Policy, Privacy, Engineering and operational perspective. BI provides professional support, skills, services and knowledge required and necessary to ensure LANs/WANs, Data Centers, and individual applications storing and processing Human Resources (Personally Identifiable Information (PII)), security and risk management, investigation, flight standards, logistics, financial, air traffic, safety, legal, and medical data are secure and compliant.

MIT/NASA Support for the International Space Station (ISS) Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS)

BI won a contract in late 2015 to support the program management of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) payload on the International Space Station (ISS). The AMS is a large high energy physics space experiment that sits on top of the International Space Station on the S3 truss. The payload was launched by shuttle to ISS in May 2011. This $2 billion experiment is designed to measure the mass, velocity, momentum and charge of cosmic rays and is considered by many to be the Hubble Telescope for cosmic rays. BI performs flight and ground software support and development utilizing various programming languages and performed on various platforms including Windows and Linux. BI supports both ground and flight software development, testing and integration utilizing facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States and including support at various ISS facilities like Software Development and Integration Lab (SDIL) and Huntsville Operations Support Center (HOSC), where BI performs operations and maintenance on dedicated AMS computers.

GSA HIT SIN 132-56

In September 2016, BI was awarded the GSA Health Information Technology (HIT) Special Item Number (SIN). The new Health IT SIN provides BI the opportunity to distinguish their Health IT services offerings from other IT related services under existing SINs. This allows agencies to more easily search for and find Health IT services that our industry partners offer.

Flight Engineering Support to NASA/Jacobs Engineering

In late 2015, BI won a contract with Jacobs Engineering to provide Flight Engineering and IT services Support in a contract for NASA. BI provides flight operations support for NASA space flight payloads. Our engineers work closely with the ISS Program, Boeing ISS Program, Extravehicular Activities (EVA), Extra Robotic Activities (EVR), Engineering Directorate, Cargo Mission Contractor, and Flight Operations Directorate on a daily basis to gather data about on-going operations of ISS and then act as a conduit to the AMS collaboration.

NRC CMIR 8(a) Sole Source

In September 2016, won a contract with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to provide Cyber Monitoring and Incident Response (CMIR) support. The work includes elements of security operations center functions and support, forensic analysis, and incident management using a variety of tools. It also includes consulting support on a variety of security related topics and analytical support. This win is based on our depth of knowledge and experience in CyberSecurity planning, policy, Governance, Privacy and Operations.