Cloud Computing

As IT departments embark on their Cloud Computing journey, they inevitably discover that Cloud computing is the ultimate “paradox of ease.” Things that should be difficult are handled by the Cloud with suave finesse. On the other hand, things that might be dismissed as trivial turn into complex challenges. So, Cloud Computing is like a two-sided coin with an “easy” side and a “challenging” side.

As you begin the process of migrating services from your existing client/server or main frame environments to a cloud alternative, you will have a number of issues to consider. First will be what kind of service do you need. Do you want to pursue platform as a service, where you will retain control of the applications and data management? This is most often used when you are migrating custom applications to the cloud environment. Do you want to pursue software as a service and house common systems such as email on a uniform platform? What systems and applications do you want to retain within your own environment for security and data integrity considerations? Or do you want to follow an alternative path and implement cloud technology internally, reducing your platform footprint while retaining control and security management?

All of these questions present their own advantages and challenges. At the same time, you have to face real organizational challenges, as cloud implementation inevitably brings process, responsibility and authority changes to your organization.

Based on Business Integra’s experience in supporting our clients in facing and addressing these and other issues, we have identified four critical factors that make the difference between a successful and relatively risk-free transition to cloud, or a complex process that may result in a number of unhappy users.

  • Plan, Plan, and Execute - Getting your Data Center in Order
  • Understand the Converging Service Models and their manifestations
  • Governance is Crucial – Not as an afterthought but from the get go
  • Workload Migration – Starting with the low hanging fruit

Our team of expert system architects, data center experts, and change management specialists are prepared to assist you in meeting these challenges, while taking advantage of the cost savings available through this robust technology alternative.

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