Application Modernization

Business Integra has gone through the application modernization multiple times in support of our clients and have collected years of lessons learned and the corresponding solutions required to successfully modernize an organization’s IT assets.  Modernization initiatives are as much about stakeholder adoption and experience as they are about technology innovations, and as such, our application modernization services and solutions achieve the perfect blend of functionality and usability.  Some of our most recent modernization success stories are the work we did, and continue to do for the Small Business (SBA) to modernize their HubZone application, modernization of the CMS Center for Clinical Standards and Quality (CCSQ) core business applications and modernization for the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (NACCRRA).  Our solutions achieve success the first time by anticipating obstacles that can derail application modernization efforts and planning for the appropriate counter-measures that will result in the attainment of the expected outcomes.

The first step in our process revolves around getting a detailed understanding of the overall objectives for the modernization initiative.  Typically we do this by assessing the requirements to a sufficient enough level of detail so that accurate planning can occur for what the target application would look like and so that our resources can assess the legacy assets to determine what, if anything, should be reused for the modernized application.  As a part of establishing a set of requirements our resources will interview key business and IT stakeholders from your organization, review business process documentation that may exist and analyze existing system assets to get a comprehensive snapshot of what is required in the effort.

Having key stakeholders from all associated phases of the modernization involved early and often assists us with managing the often changing requirements of these types of projects.  This ensures that the resulting modernized product exceeds our client’s expectations and is a product that stakeholders are actually going to want to use.  Business Integra specifies and implements governance solutions on all of our modernization efforts that align the business needs with the IT implementation to ensure that IT investments enable the business processes in the most efficient manner by orchestrating stakeholder involvement throughout the process.

Following the specification of the initial set of customer requirements, Business Integra will begin documenting the conceptual architecture for the modernized environment.  The architecture will be tightly coupled and traceable to system requirements.  Upon successful completion of the architecture phase we will perform the application design activities and produce all applicable artifacts that will serve as the blueprint which governs the development and realization of the modernized architecture.  All requirements, architecture, design and development activities are performed within our client’s specific system development life cycle (SDLC).  In cases where an organization may not have their own SDLC, Business Integra has our own life cycle that can be used as a base from which to tailor to the target client environment.

Give us a call today so we can discuss your specific objectives and assist you in getting on your path to meeting goals now and over the long-term. 

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